Day Five: On the Road

Ella and Eric are just one of three INCEF teams working in the Republic of
Congo. Together all three teams covered more than 50 towns and villages
in 2009, and reached thousands of individuals.

Results from the questionnaires not only showed that villagers remembered
what they had learned the previous year about both Great Ape Conservation
and Ebola Prevention, but gave preliminary indications that these
villagers are changing their attitudes about protected species, emerging
viruses, and the need to seek alternatives to commercial bushmeat hunting.

Six additional INCEF teams are working with villagers around Africa’s
largest tropical rainforest reserve, Salonga National Park, in neighboring
Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire).

As Ella and Eric move on to the next village, your support will help us
continue our groundbreaking grassroots effort to reach the people whose
daily activities have the largest impact on the well-being of all species.

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visit our video gallery: or INCEF1 on

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