60 Days and 71 Villages!

INCEF has just finished training twelve new educators to disseminate films in and around Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo in collaboration with our partners WWF.
The training, led by INCEF Education Coordinator, Eric Kinzonzi and WWF Education Coordinator Frederick Yoko, covered everything the educators would need to launch a successful education campaign, including the use of equipment to project films, techniques for fostering discussion and learning among participants before and after film projections, and the use of INCEF’s before-and-after questionnaires for impact evaluation. In addition, the educators were also instructed on what to do upon arrival in a village, how to work with village leaders to secure their active cooperation, and INCEF’s regulations on personal conduct.
Fom from January 5 to March 4, the teams educated a total of 18,520 people in 71 villages. The teams covered 342 km, mostly on foot or bicycles. Many readers may realize that the terrain in Salonga is some of the most difficult to navigate in Africa.
The set of films disseminated was as a result of a collaboration between INCEF and The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC) and addressed Monkeypox. The second module addressed hunting and nutrition issues.
These teams are scheduled to continue their work throughout 2010 and we’ll bring you the results of their work as we move further into the year.

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